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Welcome to Hammer Games

Hammer Games is a hub site for hobby gamers in Hamilton, Ontario with surroundings. Its purpose is to:

  • help local gamers meet others who share their gaming interests
  • promote and communicate information about gaming events
  • be a useful medium for organizing and discussing games

By hobby gaming we mean mostly:

  • roleplaying games (tabletop or live-action)
  • board and card gaming
  • war / miniature gaming
  • collectible gaming (card or mini)

The site is not focused on electronic gaming, but most of us play those as well. We don't discriminate!


On the Hammer Games site you can:

  • make a private or public web space for you and your gaming group
  • engage in forum discussions and create shared wikis
  • find players who share your interests, and advertise your game / gaming event
  • schedule your events with automated reminders and attendance

and more. If you think of other functionality you would find useful, let us know!

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